ReshaMudra, the most trusted Credit Assistance provider for Textile Businesses in India

ReshaMudra, the most trusted Credit Assistance provider for Textile Businesses in India

The textile industry in India is one of the largest employment generators, with over 35 million people directly or indirectly associated with it. However, due to the lack of financial support and access to credit, many businesses in this industry struggle to grow and prosper. This is where ReshaMudra comes into play.

ReshaMudra is the financial support division of ReshaMandi, India’s first and largest farm to fashion digital ecosystem for natural fibres connecting all the stakeholders of the textile supply chain under one umbrella. The company enables them to connect, access new markets and grow their businesses. 

ReshaMandi understands the challenges faced by the natural fibres supply chain stakeholders and works towards empowering them to achieve their dreams. We have made this happen with the help of our team, which recognises  the importance of building a culture of trust and openness. 

The company has a widespread presence, covering over 1200 pin codes across India. Its focus on catering to the needs of the stakeholders of the natural fibres supply chain in rural and semi-urban areas is commendable. By providing credit to businesses, ReshaMudra is playing a crucial role in boosting the Indian textile industry’s growth.

One of the biggest challenges businesses in the textile industry face is the delay between the sale and receipt of payment from the debtor. This delay can cause cash flow issues, making it difficult for stakeholders to pay their suppliers or associates. However, ReshaMudra offers a solution to this problem through its timely and efficient Invoice financing credit assistance.

ReshaMudra is an ideal partner for businesses looking to expand and scale their operations in the textile industry. The company offers:

  • Flexible repayment options 
  • Moratorium period
  • Cash discount to increase profitability
  • Up to 60 days credit period
  • Super-fast processing
  • All-in-one app 
  • UPI enabled payment 
  • Low-interest rates

Another notable aspect of ReshaMudra’s services is its emphasis on customer satisfaction. The credit amounts are also disbursed in no time, enabling the clients to start working on their projects without delay. 

Our vision is to be your best partner in your journey toward success. Download the ReshaMandi App to avail ReshaMudra or call +91 9901300605 for more details. 

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