In the natural fibres ecosystem,  textile B2B has a huge potential for growth. The natural fibres sector is considered the backbone of the Indian textiles industry which is projected to reach $195 billion by 2025 from $138 billion currently.  More often, several enterprises are forced to put their business growth plans on halt due to a dearth of capital. When their business growth takes a hit due to a lack of funds, the income profiles of these MSMEs ( Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) also suffer. 

ReshaMudra credit assistance offers much-needed respite to the capital woes of reelers, yarn manufacturers, weavers, fabric manufacturers, and retailers of the natural fibres supply chain. It provides them credit support to purchase more raw materials and also pay suppliers or their business associates on time. However, what about the financial support for capital expenditure? ReshaMandi’s ReshaMudra Capex is the solution.

ReshaMudra Capex Loans

ReshaMudra CapEx is a long-term loan for reelers, yarn manufacturers, fabric manufacturers, and retailers that will help them with their capital expenditure. Every business has capital expenditure requirements that are imperative for establishing or creating long-term assets. Capital expenditures are financial needs that are additional to the day-to-day operational costs of any business. In textile enterprises, it is a one-time investment made to acquire or upgrade fixed, physical, and non-consumable assets. 

ReshaMudra CapEx and Business growth

Capex loans are usually considered for replacement of old machinery, purchase of balancing equipment, modernization, investment in research and development, upgradation of technology, alteration in the layout of factory, acquisition of software, hardware, and tools, jigs, fixtures, etc. forming part of plant and machinery, purchase of vehicles to be used for business purpose. 

ReshaMudra CapEx loans are designed to suit the individual business needs of stakeholders of the natural fibres ecosystem. How can reelers, weavers, fabric manufacturers, and retailers who are part of the natural fibres ecosystem reap benefits from ReshaMudra CapEx loans?

  • ReshaMudra CapEx loans will empower reelers to upgrade the infrastructure of their reeling units. It will help them procure new Automatic Silk Reeling machines, replace old machinery and increase the production capacity of their enterprises. 
  • With ReshaMudra Capex loans, weavers and fabric manufacturers can make the switch from handlooms to power looms and spin inventory in their production houses at a faster rate. They can also set up professional-grade factories with this credit assistance. 
  • ReshaMudra CapEx loans are crucial for textile retailers as they will provide them credit assistance to establish new shops and a new line of textile businesses. For instance, a retailer selling only sarees can now set up a new store or business to sell fabrics, home furnishings, and apparel.

ReshaMudra CapEx and personalised financing solutions

Apart from catering to the capital expenditure needs of reelers, weavers, fabric manufacturers, and retailers, ReshaMudra CapEx also helps them with financial guidance. Every stakeholder who avails of a ReshaMudra Capex loan will be tagged to a ReshaMudra relationship manager. The relationship manager will guide the stakeholder through credit assistance to resolve any issues affecting their business growth.

ReshaMudra has become the financial growth partner for the stakeholders of the natural fibres ecosystem. It is helping them fulfill their dreams and ambitions of having bigger business enterprises and creating avenues to increase their income profiles.

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